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  • Visit The family tree site
  • Click on Surnames on the menu on the next page.
  • Click on one of the alphabet letters, to lead you to a surname that could be yours, your parent, your grandparent, etc.
  • Identify any errors of information, any information that is missing, any family members that should be on the tree and are not.
  • See if you have old photos that could bring more life to the names on the tree
  • Collect all the information you have including photos and email it to reunionmail - you can write the information directly into the email or instead download the word or excel files below to your computer, add the information to the document or spreadsheet then email it to the above address as an attachment.
  • If you are sending photos please add details/explanations in your re each photo attached eg.. joebloggs.jpg this is a photo of Joe Bloggs, b 01 Jan 1800, photo taken 01 Feb 1850, etc


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  • You can make application to be a user of “John Pemberton’s Family Tree Project” and have greater access to your branch of the tree (non users do not get to see the personal details of living members recorded on the tree). This access, amongst other things, will also enable you to add new records directly, recommend edits (People, Families and Sources only).
  • To make an application to be a Family Tree User click here. In the comments section of the application just introduce yourself and explain how or where you link or fit into the tree.

The following links provide you with tools to record key family tree information:

PDF Files

Word Files

Excel Files

Ancestral Chart

Pedigree 5 Generations.doc

Pedigree 5 Generations.xls

Family Group Record

Pedigree 6 Generations.doc

Pedigree 6 Generations.xls

Research Calendar

Family Group.doc

Family Group.xls

Research Extract

Biographical Timeline.doc


Correspondence Record



Source Summary for Family Information



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